Who are Events Scotland

Scottish Events is an independent ticket broker, specialising in obtaining tickets for most rock and pop concerts in the UK. We pride ourselves on being able to get hold of those extra-special tickets that everybody wants, but no one seems to have. We can obtain a wide selection of tickets for all sold-out events, and we can cater to all budgets. Missed an on-sale date? Queued on the phone for hours and still missed out? Don’t want to stress yourself out trying to get those special tickets? Call Scottish Events. We can also supply tickets for sporting events and theatre shows.

Why should I buy tickets from a ticket broker?

It’s often difficult to get the good seats when tickets go on sale to the general public. Many people become frustrated with unsuccessful attempts on the phone, overloaded websites crashing and queuing for hours trying to get the best seats. Many fans don’t even know that tickets have gone on sale until it’s too late. It is for these reasons that the need for ticket brokers like Scottish Events has grown. Scottish Events can deliver:

– A special personal service
– You can choose where you sit
– You can see the seating plan
– You can get very best seats in the first 10 rows
– Major credit and debit cards are accepted
– No hidden charges
– Tickets to “sold out” shows are still available
– Guaranteed tickets with no hassle, waiting, queuing or fuss.

Much like the stock market influences stockbrokers, the ticket market influences ticket brokers’ buying and selling prices. Better seats can be more expensive to obtain, and when the supply of tickets is high the prices will drop. For most events, prices change constantly. We can provide the most desirable, premium front seats in the first 10 rows. Tickets have become an increasingly popular gift for special occasions. Whether impressing an important client or treating a loved one, tickets are a safe bet for an extra special gift. Sitting in the first 10 rows, so close to the stage, is sure to make the event unforgettable

Why do the tickets cost more then face value?

We obtain the tickets we sell in many ways. Often, to obtain your premium seats, we must pay over face value ourselves. We pay ticket holders a premium for their seats so they are willing to sell them for certain concerts. Better seats in the first 10 rows are more expensive to obtain, and the effort required to obtain your tickets is reflected in the price.

Isn't it true that if ticket brokers didn't buy up tickets, there would be plenty of seats for all the fans?

Not at all. Ticket brokers generally only have a very small amount of tickets for any concert and it does not affect overall availability. Most sold-out shows would never have enough capacity for everyone. You may see brokers apparently offering many tickets for the same concert, however, the ticket network is wide and most brokers will source at least some tickets from other brokers.

So you're not buying at a discount and selling on to the fans?

Certainly. Brokers must usually pay more than the face value to obtain their tickets. The better the seat and the more popular the event (and the rarer the ticket), the more the broker must pay to convince someone to part with their tickets!to get those special tickets? Call Scottish Events. We can also supply tickets for sporting events and theatre shows.

Where do ticket brokers get their tickets?

Ticket brokers buy the bulk of their tickets from the general public. We also buy from other brokers, coach package operators, businesses, agencies, season-ticket holders, debenture holders, security companies, musicians, promoters, record companies, auction sites and occasionally even the box office. Many of our tickets are also bought through Seatwave, Viagogo and GET ME IN (which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ticketmaster, the world’s leading ticketing company).

How do brokers decide what to charge for their tickets?

The main factors include the cost of purchasing the ticket, the difficulty in obtaining it, the general market value of the ticket and the public demand for such a ticket. Once prices are established they will fluctuate regularly based on supply and demand.

Ticket brokers refer to what they do as providing a service. What does this mean?

The average busy person hasn’t the time, the inclination or the energy to spend hours on the phone, or the option of time off to queue, to buy great concert tickets. Not to mention the cost of the hours spent waiting on hold (on a premium-rate phone line – shame on you!) to box offices with no guarantee of getting good seats at the end of it – or even getting seats at all. Ticket brokers do all that work for you. We at MeventM know all-too-well what a hassle it is, and we take the load off for you. Also, for some events – such as the Ryder Cup – or events in small venues, very few tickets (if any) go on public sale.  In cases like this, using a ticket broker is the only option.

I can understand a service charge, but for some events brokers charge five to ten times over the face value. How can you justify this?

Remember, brokers have to pay above the face value themselves to obtain quality tickets. Most brokers are law-abiding, hard-working individuals who embrace free enterprise, and apply free market principles to make an honest living. Wrongly, some people consider them unethical, because they do sometimes charge a substantial amount over the original face value. Remember though, when tickets are no longer available through official outlets, if the demand is there then a secondary market is created. At this level, ticket trading is very similar to trading in stocks and shares, oil and other commodities. Prices fluctuate in a similar fashion.The brokers themselves pay significantly more than the original cost to get you good seats for an in-demand event.

How do I know my credit card information is safe when I buy tickets from your website?

Your order is placed on a Secure Server and transmitted to us using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. All your details are encrypted and cannot be seen by anyone else. You can check this in two ways. When you click the Buy Now button to start entering your details to send to us, you can look for the padlock symbol that appears in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window, or you can check the Address bar at the top of your browser window. When you are in a secure server area, the address will begin https:// instead of http://.

I would like to sell my tickets. Do you buy tickets?

As our main source of supply is the general public, we are always interested in buying any tickets you might have spare. Please email us , including details of seat numbers and the price you would like for your tickets.

Please remember that all sales are conducted in the strictest confidence.

Where are your offices located

Our offices are located in the heart of Manchester & Edinburgh

Our phone lines are open 10am-5.00pm Monday-Friday and Saturdays 10am-2:00pm. If you need to contact us outside of opening hours, send us an email at

My tickets have been lost or stolen. What can you do?

We’re sorry but there’s not much we can do in this case. We do not print tickets ourselves and so we are unable to cancel your tickets and create a duplicate set. Only the original purchaser can arrange for duplicates to be created, and as our tickets have often changed hands 5 or 6 times, this is regrettably never an option. We ask that customers take good care of their tickets and make sure they keep them safe, as we cannot replace them under any circumstances. Please be aware that direct sunlight and moisture can damage some tickets. Please treat your tickets like cash!

I bought tickets from you last week and now you are charging less for them! Why is this?

Our ticket prices fluctuate with supply and demand, and if the market is flooded with tickets for a particular event then the price will naturally drop. The ticket market is very similar to the stock market, and like the stock market, when prices go down, you cannot sell your stock back to the broker at the price you originally paid for it. However in most cases the prices for tickets will rise rather than fall.

Can I cancel for any reason after I have placed an order?

Sorry, all sales are final. We cannot cancel or refund your order once you have paid for it.

The client should note that the right to cancel or “cooling off period” provided by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 does not apply to the sale of event tickets. All sales are final.

Is Events Scotland associated with any other venue, box office or agency?

M event M is an independent ticket broker and is not associated with any other ticketing agency, box office, venue or promoter. We are explicitly NOT connected to Live nation, AEG Live, Global Radio or Festival Republic Limited. We do not have agreements with and are not authorised by any promoter, artist or venue. Any and all copyrights, trademarks and trade names used by us are for descriptive purposes only. We are able to obtain premium tickets through our own network of contacts and suppliers.

When will I receive my tickets?

In most cases we endeavour to send tickets out to you as soon as we receive them from our suppliers. If your tickets are in stock at the time you order them, we will send them out to you within the week. Tickets that are specially printed “souvenir tickets” are usually released late, as are standing or general admission tickets (to prevent forgery and fraud). Unfortunately the trend lately is for promoters to release tickets as late as possible, so your tickets may not reach you until shortly before the concert. Tickets will usually be with you no later than 7 days before the event. If you need tickets for a special event such as a birthday, tell us and we will try our best to get your tickets out to you as soon as possible, but please be aware it is completely out of our hands as to when we will get the tickets in stock.

All tickets are sent Royal Mail Special Delivery within the UK. This guarantees next day delivery and insures the tickets against loss or damage. Tickets will need to be signed for at your end. Responsibility for your tickets transfers to Royal Mail once we have sent them and we cannot be held responsible if Royal Mail lose your tickets.

We prefer to arrange for international orders to collect their tickets from one of our offices or at the venue on the day of the show

I got my tickets, but they have someone else's name on them. Did you send me the wrong tickets?

No, don’t worry, we didn’t send you the wrong tickets. We buy our tickets from many sources, and the name printed on the ticket is that of the original purchaser. This may be a person, a company, a coach package trip organiser or a promoter, or something else entirely. The name printed is for reference only and is not expected to reflect that of the ticket holder – you won’t have any problems getting into the event. We don’t print our own tickets so we are unable to print your name onto them.

I got my tickets, but the price printed on them isn't the price I paid. Why is this?

The price printed on the ticket is the “face value”. This is the original price charged by the venue box office. We charge more than face value because we obtain the tickets we sell in many ways. To obtain premium  seats for you, we must pay over face value ourselves. We pay ticket holders a premium for their seats so they are willing to sell them for certain concerts. Better seats can be more expensive to obtain, and the difficulty we have in acquiring your tickets is reflected in the price you pay.

My concert has been cancelled. What happens now?

If your concert is rescheduled, your tickets will be valid for the new date and you will have the exact same seats. If you cannot attend the rescheduled date, or there is no rescheduled date, we can only refund the face value of the ticket, as stated in our terms and conditions. We are sorry about this, but because we are brokers some of our tickets have changed hands 5 or 6 times before they reach us.

We buy from other brokers, companies, agencies, eBay and the general public (some of whom queued up all night to get premium tickets and do not give refunds!). We do not get the price that we paid back for our tickets, only the face value. This is consistent across the board for all ticket brokers.

I don't want to give my credit card details online. Can I order by phone?

ou can call us at one of our offices

Monday-Friday, 10am – 5.00pm

Saturdays         10am – 2:00pm



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